Let Your Attitude Take You To A New Altitude

Here’s a throw back to my very first blog post from back in November of 2012 on my first website. I still feel the same way when it comes to your attitude and how it can have an impact on you and those around you. What I didn’t realize back then is how important the self awareness aspect is. When you are able to decipher the differences in your mood or attitude then and only then can you make the proper adjustments.  This self-awareness is the most valuable tool one can have.


Meditation is my favorite way to practice self-awareness

For our first post, I saw a great article today on ways to bust a bad mood in 10 minutes or less.

Having the ability to change your mood for the better is extremely important in both fitness and everyday life. You can set yourself up for success with a positive attitude with simple strategies.

I know that when I’m upset and don’t make any changes nothing seems to get better, I will continue to hit every red light in traffic and get stuck behind every Sunday driver, and these things just continue to fuel my poor attitude. The Law of attraction states that “like attracts like” and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. So when you’re in a negative state of mind you attract other negatives and unless you change your attitude this process will continue to perpetuate itself. It is a pretty vicious cycle. So learn to identify your own moods so that you know when a change is necessary. I know that not every single one of these tips is going to work for everyone but they are most certainly worth a try and maybe with a little tweaking you can come up with your very own fix.

Speaking of attitude, one of my biggest pet-peeves is when my athletes use the word CAN’T. When you say something negative about yourself, you usually yield negative results whether it’s writing a paper, running a 5k, or even as small as properly completing one pushup. In most cases I believe people use this language because of 2 things:

– Fear


– Laziness.

Let’s look at the fear portion. When someone says they can’t achieve something (like a squat), I don’t think they are scared of getting hurt or hurting others, but are scared of failure. This is because of the attitude in our society that perfection is a must and anything less than perfect is unacceptable. What you must understand is that perfection is a truly unattainable goal. No one is perfect or ever will be. In fact, most of the great success stories of our time are filled with stories of failures that people overcome (like the proverbial Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb through extensive trial and error). Folks, failure is what makes us great. Life would be pretty boring if we were 100% successful at everything every time. Like the great Wayne Gretsky once said, “You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don’t take”, so let’s get out there and try something you haven’t tried before and take those shots because some might go in. For those that don’t lets adapt and strive for improvement.

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