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Train patterns, not muscles

As an athlete, performance on game day is all that matters. Style points will never outweigh a poor performance. This is why for 99% of athletes training like bodybuilders will never unlock their true athletic potential. Spending your time…


Stride Length

Increasing stride length is a popular topic with most sprinters for good reason. The longer your stride the fewer steps will be needed for the given distance. But how exactly do you increase the length of your stride, and…


Upper Body Mobility for Runners

Running is a beautiful activity when you can find harmony with your body and get to where you want to go as fast or as slow as you want. Unfortunately people aren’t always mindful and can rush their runs…


Healthy Hips for Runners

Runners with tight hips never develop a full stride. Hips mobility is key for 3 reasons Greater force productions with each stride Provide strong base for tall posture Longer stride reaching hip extension   As a runner your main…


Healthy Ankles for more Speed and Power

Stiff ankles can shorten your stride and speed up overuse injuries. A mobile ankle can help in 3 ways. Better bounce of the ground increasing your stride length Less wear and tear on the the knees, hips and low…


Common Sports Injuries

If you are playing a sport, chances are you will run into some bumps and bruises along the way. Very few people walk away from a career in high school or college sports unscathed. I’m not saying this to…

photo by Weston Carls

Two legs, Two separate Jobs

Two legs with two separate jobs When talking about multi-direction (MD), it’s important to think about our legs as separate motors one being the lead leg and the other being the trail leg. Whether you are shuffling side to…


Are Stiff Ankles Slowing you Down?

Are stiff ankles slowing you down?      If you wear high heels on a daily basis then the answer is probably YES.      Stiff ankles can limit your performance and enable you to properly recover injury. If…


Secrets for Agility pt. 1

Secrets for Agility Multi-Direction (MD) Most sports require you to react to either another person or object like a ball. With these demands you can find yourself spinning around like a dog chasing a milk truck or under control…


Secrets for Speed

Secrets for Speed Speed is great, there’s no denying it, but there can be too much of a good thing. What good is all the speed in the world if you can’t control it (see clip below)? The one…