Training Programs

We offer an array of services ranging from private training, small group classes, and even sports team training. No matter what type of class setting you decide to join the focus remains the same, Movement Quality.  Now of course everyone has different goals and we aim to give you the tools and strategies that we see will best fit those needs the only difference will be the types and styles of movement specific to your goals.

Private one on one training

Receive a personalized program for the duration of your choosing. In that time we will schedule times to meet up for a private sessions to ensure the highest quality of work as well as make any adjustments to the program.

Adult Strength and Conditioning Class

Learn the fundamental movement patterns in a small group setting, build confidence using traditional strength and condition equipment (e.g. barbells, dumbells, kettlebells, sleds) as well as basic body weight and gymnastics drills and exercises. Each class will build on the next so that  a gradual progression in skill and strength are maintained.

Team Sports training

Bring in your sports team for  in-season training so all of your hard work during the off-season doesn’t diminished in fact it make it flourish with our prehab, strength and power protocols. This also make a great choice for someone that’s looking to maximize their time during the off-season.  Make the most of your time when your body isn’t being constantly beat up from the weekly practice and game/tournament schedule.

Professional Athlete Development

No matter your skill level every athlete need to make movement quality a priority.  From the Olympic sprinter to the aspiring NFL players must leave no stone unturned. We will identify strengths and weaknesses then minimize those weaknesses to mitigate risk of injury and maximize athletic potential.