At my age, it is very important to stay out in front of good health. My working out has allowed me to have a more proactive approach and commitment to where it is a part of everyday life now instead of wondering when I would stop and my health take a backseat. I have seen significant improvement in my overall health including energy, muscle tone and weight management. My involvement has also enhanced my commitment to eating healthier

-Steve B.


Travis has helped improve my overall strength, agility, and power while also focusing on improving my mobility which are all areas often overlooked by distance runners. Training with him has improved my confidence on the soccer field as well, as I feel stronger on the ball and more fit to stay on the field longer. The longer I work with him, the more powerful I feel and have noticed that my recovery times between workouts are decreasing.

-Jordan C.


I certainly hit a goal of improving my health. My problem of inflexibility is still a work in progress but has made astonishing improvements. Most notably though, I just feel better. It has amazed me that I have been consistently training with Travis for over 6 months, yet every session exhausts me as if it was my first. He finds new ways to work muscles and improve strength. It has led to staggering results and a new confidence in my ability to persist through

-Scott M.


I can feel a difference even after only six months! A little stronger, more noticeable is my endurance, but the big difference is how I am approaching daily life with some of this in mind.  Trying to pay attention to details like posture not only at the gym but all the time.What has surprised me most is how much I am learning about how a human body should work (not just how to make it stronger).  This is knowledge that is going to help me for the rest of my life.

-Zack H.