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Let Your Attitude Take You To A New Altitude

Here’s a throw back to my very first blog post from back in November of 2012 on my first website. I still feel the same way when it comes to your attitude and how it can have an impact…


Tune Up Your Body

Tune Up Your Body      People sometimes refer to their body as a vehicle; it takes us from A to B just like a car. I agree with this for the most part, especially when it seems some…


The Healing powers of Mother Nature

Everyone knows it’s important to get some form of physical activity, be it a walk around the block, a bike ride or pumping iron at your local gym. Some people do it to lose weight, get ripped, or to…


How your back pain stems from your tight hips

The other day after class someone said “what’s the deal with the psoas and why is everyone talking about it now, like they just discovered it?” I then thought of all the stuff I read on social media about…


Morning Rituals

Morning rituals can set your day in motion to be as productive as possible. Let’s face it, everyone has one or two things they do every morning without even thinking about it. Maybe it’s drinking a glass of water…


Strength Training for Runners

I was reading an article on and came across one that was a must read. Now, for those of you that don’t read competitor magazine or frequent their website, they focus on the latest training, news and nutrition for…